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Haat yee.á haa een ash kanyeelyát, sagú yéi nasní yeewháan ḵa ig̱aneix̱!*

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Photo by Andrew Serack

Haat yee.á haa een ash kanyeelyát, sagú yéi nasní yeewháan ḵa ig̱aneix̱!*

Welcome to Carcross, a friendly community within the Traditional Territory of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation.
Surrounded by big skies, soaring mountains and emerald-coloured glacier-fed lakes our little community is alive with Indigenous art and Culture.
Discover some of Carcross’s treasures: the only one-way street in the Yukon, the oldest hotel in the territory, the smallest desert in the world and the Yukon’s strongest bridge.

Visit the Haa Shagóon Hídi Learning Centre(our Ancestors’ house), guarded by eight towering totem poles to admire its unique art and learn more about our community’s storied history.
Take the short interpretive walk along Nares Lake to reach downtown Carcross and enjoy shopping at the Carcross Commons, an artisans’ hub, and sip gourmet coffee while the kids have fun at the Game Mother playground.
Take a trip back to the days of the Gold Rush and visit the historic White Pass and Yukon Route Railway train station and Matthew General Store, the oldest in the Yukon.

Carcross also boasts the world-class Montana Mountain biking and hiking trails, built and maintained by local Indigenous youth since 2006, through the Single Track to Success (S2S) program. Retrace the steps of a century-old mule trail on the Mountain Hero Trail, explore the re-purposed old mining trails and climb to the top of Montana Mountain for an incredible view shared with the caribou, and enjoy the exhilarating return to the bottom!

Gunalchéesh haat yeey.aadí**

*Come play with us, have fun (you all) and be safe!
**Thank you all for coming