Artist in Residence

Steve Andersen

Yukonner Steve Andersen had been carving antler, ivory, horn and wood for jewellery for 50 years. Self-taught, he is inspired by nature and put pride on his unique finishing.

Come and meet Steve at the Carcross Commons from September 22nd, Unit #13!

Mariah Andrews


Born in Whitehorse, Yukon and part of the Raven Clan in Talhtan, Mariah considers herself “part for the Land” and “part of the water”, this is where she gets her inspiration to create. She uses mostly natural materials like porcupine quill and dentalium.

Come and meet Mariah at the Carcross Commons from August 12th to 16th, Unit #13!

Teagyn Vallevand (Aatagwéix’i )

áyįnzhi Aatagwéix’i ùye

Hello my name is Teagyn Vallevand, my Tlingit name is Aatagwéix’i, and I belong to the Ganaxteidi – Raven people and am from Kwanlin Dun First Nations.  I live in Whitehorse, Yukon which is located on the traditional territory of my nation. 

I have been beading for over 3 summers now, I first learned from Florence Moses and the KDCC Sewing Circle. Now thanks to my bad aunties, beading is medicine for me. I love blending traditional techniques with contemporary style and designs I create myself. I also think the more bling, the better. 

I am happy to be participating as an artist in residence for Carcross. Feel free to check me out on Instragram @tradishalicious 

Meet Teagyn  at the Carcross Commons (Unit #12) from June 18th to June 28th!

Gemma Blain

Blain’s work involves the enigmatic dialogue between the tangible world around us and absolute devotion to unfettered personal expression. Impetuous splatters and sculptural layers invite viewers to soak in these melancholic emotive and ethereal surroundings allowing them to visually “reconnect” with nature through the use of natural elements embedded within the materiality of the paint.

Bewitching use of colour lends realistic renditions of seascape qualities whilst whimsical abstraction creates a subtle, suggestive landscape. The evanescence of memory seems to whisper through her work, revealing hidden depths of her own experience. Drawing from nature for her own pleasure and form of discipline.

The consolidated palette and marks elude to a dialogue where the emotional intensity is imbued within the work, which is a result of a sustained investigation into charting her own reactions to the natural world that surrounds us. Creating works more vigorously, with less control over the fluidity of style is a conceptual and ironic notion of exploring stylistic divergence, a homage to Romanticism.

Come and meet Gemma at the Carcross Commons from July 15th to July 22nd, Unit #13!

Minnie Clark

Minnie is from the Johnson’s Crossing area of the southern Yukon Territory. She was raised on the family trapline, along with four other siblings, and attended elementary school in the nearby community of Teslin.
Both of Minnies’ parents were very artistic; her father emigrated from England and was a fishing guide who painted with oils and acrylics, and her mother practiced the Tlingit traditional methods of hide preparation and tanned moose & caribou hides. Her mother was a talented artist, beading & crafting lovely moccasins and mittens, utilizing the hides caught on the trapline.

Minnies’ appreciation for nature, vivid colours and her eye for composition can be attributed to both her parents’ love of the land, and the lifestyle in which they raised their children. Along with beading & sewing, photography has always been a great passion for her and together with her love for exploring the outdoors; she spends many hours chasing the light in hopes of capturing that perfect photo. After 32 years with the Yukon Government, she has now retired. Minnie lives with her husband of 40 years, along with her faithful Labrador Retriever, Remington, on Teslin Lake where they own and operate the Timberpoint Campground at Km 1278 of the Alaska Highway.

Stop by to meet Minnie at the Carcross Commons (unit #13) from August 12th to 16th!

Stormy Bradley

My name is Stormy Bradley and I am an artist from Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nations and I belong to the Crow Clan. I live in Whitehorse, Yukon.

I am well known in the community for my beaded vulva art and am passionate about gender-equality and ending violence against indigenous women and girls.

I love hosting workshops and sharing my culture with others. I also love starting the conversation on womxn’s rights through my “controversial” art.

Please come sew with me!

Meet Stormy at the Carcross Commons (Unit #12) from June 18th to June 28th!


Nina Wodzinska

Born in Poland, Nina has a BA in Illustration from the Sheridan College.
Seeing the world more intensely and sharing that vision with other was her inspiration to start landscape painting.

Stop by to meet her at the Carcross Commons (unit #13) from June 15th to June 28th!

Sheila Bliss

Sheila is a traveler from Alberta; she paint Mother Earth inspired animals on feathers.

Come and meet Sheila at the Carcross Commons from July 25th to August 2nd, Unit #12!


Gary Tautenhahn – Inukshuk Carving Studio

Gary Armin Tautenhahn has been carving since 1992. He is an established artist who works mainly with ivory, antler and bone. Gary exhibits and sells artwork and envoys participating in festivals and workshops and working with elders. For art from Inukshuk Carving Studio, check out unit #13 – you will be happy you did!

Meet Gary at the Carcross Commons (Unit #13) from July 6th to July 12th!