Mountain Biking

With stunning alpine vistas stretching in every direction, Montana Mountain is the Yukon at its best in the summer: wild, rugged, and yours to explore without lineups or crowds. Montana Mountain boasts about 40 kilometers of singletrack trails designed for hiking and biking, and more are in the works.

“These trail builders know how to have a good time”.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Montana Mountain’s reputation for world-class mountain biking is built on our trail building crew’s goal to progress the sport in the Yukon and put a smile on riders’ faces.

Often described as a little slice of “North Shore”, the lower flanks of Montana Mountain feature rugged terrain, pine forests, and rock. You’ll encounter a mix of historic trails, mining-era CAT tracks, and purpose-built singletrack. Warm up on the easier green and blue trails, progress to the technical cross-country classic Goat, and then let loose on Upper Wolverine and Grizzly Bear. We challenge you to ride them all!

Nares View is the latest addition to the trail network in the mid-mountain area and provides a less technical all-mountain experience. If you’re up for an all-day epic, the Mountain Hero trail retraces the steps of a 105-year old mule trail that was built to haul supplies for the construction of a tramway. You’ll follow an old mining road to access the trail – and the climbing grades and road condition are not to be underestimated!


Mountain Hero Gets IMBA “EPICS” Designation

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) recently inducted the Mountain Hero Trail on Montana Mountain in Carcross into its Epic Trails category. Only five other Canadian trails have earned the Epic designation, a term coined to describe challenging backcountry excursions worth ticking off your bucket list.


Mountain Hero is a resurrected old tramway trail that was used for an old silver mining operation that dates back to 1905. The trail was initially believed to be charted by the most celebrated corpse in poetry, Sam McGee of The Cremation of Sam McGee, by Robert Service. Alive, the real Sam McGee was a dedicated road and trail builder.


The 28 km restored Mountain Hero trail climbs about 1400 meters up old mining roads that eventually level off in the alpine, providing incredible views of the river system that surrounds Montana Mountain and adjacent regions. Once atop, descending back to the tree line on single track is a scream, literally. You or your brakes will be screaming your way down, and at the end of it, you’ll most likely have the biggest grin on your face and your brakes will be hot. Like stinking hot.