Learning Centre

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Opened in June 2016, the Carcross Learning Centre showcases the art, culture and history of the community and the Carcross/Tagish First Nation people. It exists to help users learn and understand the culture of the Inland Tlingit and Tagish peoples way of life.

From conference to retreat and small meeting, the C/T Learning Centre has the perfect room for you. Click here for rate and information
Book your own guided tour of Carcross to learn more about the Community! Click here for rate and information
From May 17th to July 26th, the C/T Learning Centre is hosting a Traditional Dugout Canoe project. Carved by Master Carver Wayne Price from Haines, AK, the canoe is designed to sail on the ocean and will be unveiled during the Haa Kusteeyi in Carcross on July 26th, 2019. Stop by to learn more, say hi or event give a hand!

Contact and information: 1 (867) 821-4251 ext. 8293