Bennett Beach

In 2015, Bennett Beach made The Huffington Post’s list of the best beaches in Canada. Locals have known this for years, but it was kind of our little secret. Bring your beach toys and come check it out.

At low water in the spring, the beach at Carcross is a couple hundred metres wide. When water levels rise in the summer, the lake is still quite shallow which makes for good swimming for kids.

Carcross is famous for its wind and the beach is where you can experience it in its full glory. Bring a kite!

All Yukon lakes are cold, and Bennett is no exception. On a hot, calm day it’s a great place for a swim, but some regulars like to keep a wetsuit handy for an extended dip.

You can get to the beach from the public walkway beside the Post Office or at the viewing platform at the end of Bennett Avenue.