S2S Trail User pass

As a guest on our lands, your safety and comfort is important to CTFN. Please read the following information to ensure that your Montana Mountain experience is a positive one.

Choose Your Routes Conservatively
Many of the trails on Montana Mountain are rocky, rooty, and technical in nature. Please consider a “warm up” lap on easier trail to gauge your skills in relation to the trail difficulty ratings. A list of Recommended Routes is available at the Visitor Information Centre in Carcross.

Be Prepared And Play Safe
You are venturing into a wilderness environment. There is no mountain patrol and rescue may not be available. Weather and conditions can change rapidly. You may encounter wildlife, including bears. We recommend that you:

    • Carry extra clothing, food and water;
    • Hike or bike with others;
    • Pack a trail map and take note of signage;
    • Carry a First Aid kit and bear spray (and know how to use them!);
    • Let someone know your whereabouts and anticipated time of return;
    • Take spare tubes and/or patch kit and bike pump.

Special Note for Mountain Bikers
Mountain biking is a high risk sport. To minimize your risk:

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Wear protective armour if possible
  • Inspect technical trail features/structures prior to riding
  • Ride within your ability level

Emergency Contact
Some cell phones may receive coverage throughout the lower portion of the trail network, but reception is unreliable higher up. The Carcross Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment can be reached at 821-5555. A nursing station is also located in Carcross.


  • Absolutely NO motorized vehicles permitted on the trails (including Ebikes);
  • Please do not disturb wildlife;
  • Please use the trails according to the specified direction of travel and permitted activity;
  • “Leave no Trace”: take only pictures, leave only footprints!
  • Bikers yield to hikers;
  • Dogs should be on leash at any time.

The road is unmaintained: 4×4 vehicles with high clearance are recommended but only allowed on existing road.

No motor vehicle is allowed on bush or trails.