Other Activities in Carcross

Cultural Journey

Feel the spirit of Carcross with a walk around town. Download the guide here to know everything about the historic buildings.

Stop by Skookum Jim’s House fore more information about the Gold Rush and the Chikoot Trail hiking with Parks Canada and the McBride museum.

Ask more about the S.S. Tutshi structure! Located beside the Carving Shed, beside the lake, the S.S. Tutshi was built in 1917 in Carcross and had been used for goods transportation until 1955, then for tourism until 1990, when the boat tragically caught fire.

Active trip?

For the sporty ones, Montana Mountain offer the most complete selection of great trails in the Yukon. Come up here and enjoy the exceptional scenery!

New summer hiking and biking trails are created every year by youth Citizens since 2006, through the program Single Track to Success. Learn more about Single Track to Success here.

Carcross also host the smallest desert in the world! 2.5km from downtown, along the highway, stop by for a funny and unexpected walk!

Fishy mood? Take your fishing rod for a relaxing time on the Bennett lake bridge, just beside the beach.

Need a break?

Enjoy a lazy time on the beach! Bennett lake offer a long sandy beach, clear water, surrounded by the mountains.

Bennett lake is also a highly historical location on Gold Rush history (Learn the entire story here).

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