Haá Shiyí - Our Songs

Dena Zagi – Traditional Contemporary Folk/Rock

June 15th – 1pm, 2019 at the Carcross Commons

Dena Zagi was created in 2009 by Jenny and Dennis. Dennis Shorty is both singer & songwriter and plays the guitar and harmonica. Jennifer Frohling plays both the traditional drum/drum set and native flute. She is also backup singer. Jenny hails from Germany and is Dennis’ partner.
Dena Zagi is a traditional – contemporary duo and their music is written in the Kaska language and the lyrics are about the land, animals, love and respect, ancestors and traditions.

They’ve played together in various venues in Canada and in Germany.

In 2018, their album Gucho Hin was nominated for the Indigenous Music Awards and Canadian Folk Music Awards.

They hope to encourage young people to preserve their language through music.

Dena Zagi means “people’s voice”.



June 15th, 2019 – 2pm at the Carcross Commons

Frank Turner

In 1984, Turner was one of the few Canadians to enter the very first Yukon Quest. He finished in 14th position that year and has gone on to run the Yukon Quest more times than any other musher – a total of 24 times, finishing the race 18 times.

It has been said that Turner knows the Yukon Quest trail better than anyone else, and given the number of times he has tackled the course, it would be tough to disagree.

Join us on Saturday June 15th to hear inside stories of the Yukon Quest!!!