Carcross Churches

There are two churches in town, both churches still offer services each week.

St. Saviour’s Anglican Church

This simple frame building of this Anglican church was originally constructed on the south side of the channel between Lake Bennett and Nares Lake in 1904. Its construction was arranged by Bishop Bompas three years after he moved to Carcross. There were problems with the location however: the Anglican Church did not own the property and the building was within the 100-foot reserve next to the water. Consequently, Bishop Stringer arranged to move the building to a lot on the other side of the Narrows in 1917.

In 1903, St. Saviour church saw the foundation of the Chooutla Residential School, largest residential school in the Yukon.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

This was one of the churches erected during the increased Catholic presence throughout the territory in the early 1940s. It was moved from Conrad to this site in 1939. William and Winnie Atlin were the first couple to be married here.