Skookum Jim's House

Skookum Jim had this house built in 1899, after he helped to discover the gold near Dawson City that started the Klondike Gold Rush. The imported lumber and furniture was brought from Skagway to Lake Bennett by WP&YR and then rafted down the lake to Carcross.

In 1920, four years after Skookum Jim died, the Anglican Church disposed of the property. Johnny Johns bought the house that year in trust for the Wolf clan, who gradually paid him back. Johns never lived in the house, which is owned by the Wolf (Daklaweidi) people. Joe Schinkel largely reconstructed the house after a fire that occurred circa 1967.

Today, the replica of  Skookum Jim’s house is located at the Carcross Commons and hosts Parks Canada office for the Chilkoot Trail and an exhibition about the local history from the MacBride Museum.

Historic information: Yukon Government